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Allison Concepcion's Pay it Forward

Part I
                           Pay it forward is any act of kindness, for this act of kindness you try to help out 3 people who you think need help or just anything you think would be kind to do for them. EX: a homeless person who needs food or you can help an elder person by carrying their heavy groceries. Now that you've influenced the person to pay it forward now, they can pay it forward to 3 more people and it spreads out like crazy. In the movie Trevor helps 3 people who he thinks need help. An example would be when Trevor tried to help the homeless man by feeding him and taking care of him. Now that Trevor paid it forward to those 3 people, the 3 people pay it forward to 3 more people and the acts of kindness spreads out.
Part II
                       My Friends and I paid it forward by shoveling peoples walkway and the sidewalk. Doing so we raised $40.00 for shoveling our neighbor's walkway. Of course we couldn't take the money for our selves so we decided to donate it to the Philippine typhoon relief. We made our neighbors cards telling them that we couldn't accept the money so we gave it to the Philippine typhoon relief and left them candy canes in their mail box.
We also gave out candy canes with little cards telling them about pay it forward and brightening up their day, we designed kitchen ware items and gave them to our neighbors, and we also gave teachers treats and cards saying how nice they've been and for taking care of us.
                                        We chose this activity to do because we were all capable of doing it, no one was left out and not one person couldn't do the activity just because they don't think they can do it. We are all capable of doing acts of kindness and helping each other out. This activity was fair for all of us we did everything together and no one got to do more or less. This showed us that working together as a team all of us can get it done.
                                We helped our neighbors by shoveling their walkway and by shoveling the sidewalk so it's easier for them to walk. During this activity we raised $40.00 for shoveling our neighbors walkway. I remember that one of our neighbors said that she told us that she was a family therapist and she has seen the movie Pay it forward and loved it. She paid it forward to us by giving us the $20.00 but of course we couldn't accept the $40.00 we raise so we decided to donate it to the Philippine Typhoon Relief. We left them cards and some candy canes saying that we appreciated the money they gave us but couldn't accept it so we donated it. We didn't know that we would receive $40.00 for shoveling their walkway but it made us really happy. We've noticed that even one little act of kindness can brighten up someone's day which happened to us. That day we were so happy just by helping people in the neighborhood it was very fun.
               We did our act of kind on December 29th and December 30th 2013.

Here's a video showing our acts of kindness
 Part III

I think our act of kindness was well done and I'm not saying that it's perfect but still it was a pretty fun experience. What happened was that we didn't have a chance to shovel all of our neighbor's walkway because it was very cold outside but we successfully completed two walkways and in return we raised $40.00. The kitchenware we designed didn't go as planned because the design kept rubbing off and as much as we tried to prevent the design from rubbing off it wouldn't work. Speaking of the kitchenware we tried calling the Betelstadur Housing Co-op ( an elderly home) on 1061 Sargent avenue to notify them that we were going to drop by and give them the kitchenware. Sadly they didn't want to take chances so they needed information about what we were doing, of course we didn't know Mrs. Wilson's cellphone number or Mr.Harbeck's number so we couldn't give them the kitchenware items. Another problem we faced when we were doing our act of kindness was when we couldn't make enough  heart shaped candy canes in time before Pam or Ceci left because they had to leave early so we had to make less heart shaped candy canes than we wanted to.
When I first thought about all these activities that we were going to do I said to my friends that they were crazy. Doing all of these activities in less than 3 days to do everything but when we began to do it, I thought it'd be hard to accomplish but it was quite easy. I was surprised of how we managed to do everything so simply especially when we had some difficulties since we worked together as a group that's why it was so simple. Ever since then, I felt like I was a better person just because these small acts of kindness. Seeing the neighbors smiles on their face told us that we have become great people for better or for worse.
The people that we helped were very happy like we made their day by shoveling their walkway. They were freezing because they had their doors wide open talking to us and giving us their money. For the rest of the day we didn't get much of a reaction because we decided to give notes and shovel their walkway without giving ourselves attention. Some people were probably out of their house or just sleeping but they main thing was to pay it forward not to bring attention to our selves and showing off.
While we were shoveling our neighbors walkway, they gave us money for helping them but of course we weren't doing it for money we were just simply paying it forward. So we told the kind lady that we didn't do it for money we were just paying it forward. She responded by saying that she seen the movie before and  she loved it. She also told us that she was a family therapist helping families sort out their problems and I think that's how she pays it forward by helping one another. Since we didn't take the money we decided to donate it to the Philippine Typhoon Relief and we told our neighbors that we did so and that we appreciated them giving us the money.
The idea of paying it forward was important because it can save peoples life or change the way they've lived. It's basically doing even little acts of kindness could be noticed and be spread on and on and on  until everyone in the world has done something to help someone or change something. Doing great little things can mean so much to a person.
I hope that our act of kindness opened up their eyes and made them very thankful because there is no other better feeling than helping someone who was in pain, or who had difficulties and many more. I hoped it changed the way they look at the world and think that it's just not a world full of strangers, its a world full of people who have the ability to make a difference.


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