Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Robson's Integers Scribe

This is what we learned in class.


If a positive is lined up with a negative it creates a zero pair canceling those 2 out.
In this equation there are 2 negatives and 2 positives. (+8) + (-2) this will leave you with +6.
We learned that you cant do this you have to use "Have" for positive and "Owe" for negative.
So right now you "Have" 6. This equation is for little kids, we need to use a grown up equation a grade 8 one. To do this you have to do 8 + (-2) you don't need a positive sign after every positive number because it is not necessary.

 Number Line

In class we learned about number lines. <-------------0--------------> This is a number line.
So for example we use this equation and we use the number line method to solve it. ( 8 + (-2) )
This is what you need to do for a number line                     
                                                                                             <-- 2 
This equation leaves you with 6
This is how you do a number line.

Estimating and Calculating Integers

(69)x(-11) = -700 EST
(69)x(-11) = -759 CALCULATED
How i got this number is a mystery. I got the estimated number by breaking down the number by turning the 69 into a 70 and the 11 into a 10 its really simple. Now to imply the sign rule, since the there are different signs Positive x Negative the product will automatically turn into a negative product.


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  1. Thanks for adding both the easy equation for kids and the 'grown up' equation. You had also added the steps with chips and line graphs. This helped me to prepare for what I should do for solving the 'grown up' equations or maybe even the equations for kids. Thanks!




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