Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rafael's Integer Scribe Post


Figuring out integers is pretty easy. Here let me show you.

No.'s are +5, and -6

(+5)+(-6)= -1

There you go, see how easy it is.
But that's not the only things you need.
You may also use two proper visuals to represent your answer like:
Now we are going to compare the itty bitty Grade 7 to the maturing Grade 8
Here we go.

Reminder: Is not positive 5, nonononono.
Its Have 5 and Owe 6


Lets Advance on now

Look at some of these questions:

2 -5=          (-8) -5=

6 - (-9)=          (-2) - (-5)=

Let me explain how

Some word examples are:
Remove- Have 6 remove owe 9 or 16
And- Have 4 and Owe 3 or Have 1

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