Sunday, January 5, 2014

Luis's "Pay It Forward"

"Pay it Forward" is when you do something for someone out of the goodness of their heart not for your own personal gain. My Pay it Forward was me and my friend Reuben going to the elderly home on Arlington. I chose this activity because I felt bad that the people in the home didn't get visited by their families even on the holidays. The person that I helped was a women named Anne. She was the second oldest in a family of twelve on a farm in Saskatchewan. Her and her friend moved all over Canada to become a nurse. Eventually she moved to Winnipeg and started a family with a husband and three kids. Ever since she has been a permanent citizen of Winnipeg. All me and Anne did was talk about all the things she has done in her life. I did this activity on January 6th 2014. The time I had with Anne was good and the conversations were really fun to have talking about her past and her job. I felt really good after because I knew I made Anne feel good when I came to visit her because I could see how much she was enjoying the company and I enjoyed listening as well. I didn't ask Anne to "Pay it Forward" because she was old and I was just happy to give a good time when she was lonely. The importance of "Pay It Forward" is if you are kind to at least one person they will help someone then the whole thing spreads like a wild fire which will change the world and making it a better place while doing it. My act of kindness made a difference because I made a person so happy by just having a conversation with her.

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