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Multiplying Integers
January 13, 2014

    There are 4 different kinds of equations that you'll might come across whenever you are multiplying integers.
Here are some examples...

(+2) x (+6)                (+2) x (-6)

These two equations have one important thing in common. Both equations are able to make groups or in other words, you are using repeated addition. 
What is repeated addition?
How do you make groups?

Repeated addition is another way of multiplying. Instead, we add the groups of numbers we need. In this situation, the equation is...
 (+2) x (+6)
Repeated Addition is simple...         (+6) + (+6) = (+12)
As you can see, we are technically adding instead of multiplying. 
The equation asks you for 2 groups of +6 meaning, you should end up with 2 positive 6s'
                      two groups of 6                                                              (+6) + (+6) = 12  
                                     words                                                                                            repeated addition

Here is another equation that relates to making groups

(+2) x (-6) 

This is a different equation because instead of making groups of positive numbers, you are making groups of negatives. The steps are still the same.

You have two groups of (-6)

(-6) + (-6) = (-12)

              two groups of negative six                                                    (-6) + (-6) = (-12)  
                                  words                                                                                                repeated addition

The next equations will be a little different. Instead of making groups, we are removing them.

(-3) x (+3)                        (-3) x (-3)

The trick is to add zero pairs

♫ Whenever something is not there, You must add a zero pair! 

(-3) x (+3) 

In words this would be, remove two groups of three

You must indicate the arrows pointing out. This will show that you are removing.

Remove two groups of positive three = owe 9

(-3) x (-3) 

Remove three groups of negative three = have 9

Making groups - join the party
Removing groups - leave the party

Here's a video that I hope will make it easier for you to understand multiplying integers


Also, if you feel the need for a game to help you with this topic, try this game out!

Thanks For Reading
Good Luck!


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  2. Thank you for including pictures and explaining every step you go. Thanks a lot! really helped. :)

  3. your pictures are very nice, and your explanations are awesome. your scribe post is very clear, and easy to understand, Thank you !!




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