Monday, January 6, 2014

Jacob's Pay It Forward

Paying it Forward is doing a simple act of kindness without asking that person for anything in return other than paying it forward to another person. Pay it forward was an idea that started off as a school project but instead turned into something even better than they had anticipated. Pay it forward is a simple idea of giving back to the people that had helped you in the past. Pay it forward is as simple as donating canned goods to your nearby food drives that would then go to the less fortunate or if you don't have canned goods to donate, you can shovel your neighbour's driveway for them. The idea of pay it forward is basically giving back to your community and to the people that had helped you in the past and also because there is no greater feeling than knowing that you have tried to make a difference. Doing a simple act of kindness such as volunteering at a soup kitchen can come a long way in making a difference in someone's life.

PART 2: 
For my pay it forward act of kindness, I voluntarily shovelled my neighbour's walk. My neighbour is an elderly woman and so I figured that it would the right thing to shovel it myself for her. I had already volunteer to shovel my parent's driveway and front yard and so I figured that it would be a nice thing to shovel my neighbour's walk. I chose to do this activity because I thought that it would be a  nice thing to do since it was the holiday season and the holidays is about giving back. I shovelled my neighbour's walk after every heavy snowfalls during the holidays and over the break.

I think that my act of kindness went well and I felt really good about doing it afterwards. I think that if you were to ask every grade eight student about how they felt after  doing their act of kindness, I think that they would say that they felt great and so did I. I do not really know how my elderly neighbour reacted to my act of kindness but my parents saw me do it and said that it was very  thoughtful. I also did not get to ask her to pay it forward, however, I did leave a Merry Christmas card and wrote pay it forward and left it in her mailbox. 

PART 4: 
I think the idea of pay it forward is important because it teaches others that not everyone that does a good deed needs something in return. I think it's important because it teaches us important lessons that we could use in the future. 

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