Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lotte's Pay It Forward

What is my Pay it Forward?
My pay it forward is I am going to help the less fortunate children. I will gather my old but beautiful clothing, toys and shoes because I'm planning to donate them to Salvation Army and half of it, I will put in the donation box at Banning Street. I'm going to do all of those before New Year's Day.

When I'm doing my Pay it Forward, it was a very cold day. I asked my mother to come with me because I cannot carry my heavy donations. I feel tired but happy knowing that I was able to help other children by giving them my old but beautiful stuff. I put my half belonging at the donation box and other half at Salvation Army. Salvation Army staff offer me a discount coupon but I refused to accept it. They were very grateful and smiled at me.

I did not ask the person to Pay it Forward, because I feel that they will do it on their own will.

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