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Katrina's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Part I

What is Pay It Forward?

         Pay It Forward is a respond to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else. Pay IT Forward is a movie based on a kid name Trevor who made a big differences from the world, he change the world from a little kindness. He's teacher name Mr.Simon gave the class an assignment to the class to brainstorm about how to Pay It Forward. Trevor decided to help 3 people who need help and inspired another 3 to pay back. By people doing that it will grow 

Part II

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
My Pay It Forward act of kindness is I babysit my cousins, made "Thank You Cards" for my friends and the one who helped me, and I went to volunteer to Winnipeg Harvest 2 times. 

*"Thank You"
Me and my sister at Winnipeg Harvest

 *** Me and my cousins taking selfie ;) ***

Why did you choose this activity?

1. I babysit my cousins because there parents had work and they can't find anyone to take care of them. I also like talking care of little kids so it wasn't that hard to do.
2. I made "Thank You Cards" for my friends because I wanted to tell then how much they helped me with everything, without there help i wouldn't be the girl who I am right now.
3.I went to WinnipegHarvest 2 times because my Cousin asked me if I wanted to volunteer with her. I went there 2 times because it was really fun sorting the food to homeless people. 

Who did you help?

I helped out my Aunty, my Uncle, and WinnipegHarvest.

When did you do your act of kindness?

In December 27th 2013 i volunteer for the first time in WinnipegHarvest, the second time is in December 30th 2013. I babysit my cousins in December 22 to 27th. I made the "Thank You " cards in January 3rd, 2013.

Part III 

How did your act of kindness go?

My act of kindness went really well. The other people in WinnipegHarvest told me that i was really helpful and really funny. When i babysit my cousin my auntie and uncle were happy that i babysit them because haha i got to admit my cousins likes to play with me. When i gave my "Thank You" card to my friends, they thanked me, gave me hugs, some people acted serious, and some people were shocked. 

What happened?

I gave my friends the "Thank You" cards and they read it.When I was babysitting my cousins we were playing tag and playing in the ps4, I also had to feed them food when they were hungry. When I was volunteering in WinnipegHarvest me,my sister,and my cousin sort foods to into the categories and we helped to carry and take out the breads that are already expired. 

How did you feel?
To be honest i felt embarrassed about giving the "Thank You"cards to my friend, also when i volunteer. I was embarrassed when i gave my friends the "Thank You" cards because i thought they wouldn't like it, plus i wrote cheesy stuff. I felt embarrassed when i was first volunteering because haha I was clumsy and I didn't know what to do but as time passes I knew what to do. 

How did people/ person react?
When I handed out the "Thank You" cards to my friends they were surprise, shocked, and they were thankful. When I babysit my cousins my aunty and uncle were thankful and my cousins were excited to play with me.

Did you ask the person/people to involved to "Pay It Forward"? How did the person/react to this? If you did not ask the person/people to "Pay It Forward",how come?

I didn't asked them because when I was volunteering people were busy, I forgot to tell my aunty and uncle to Pay It forward, and I also forgot to put "Pay It Forward" in the "Thank You" cards.

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