Sunday, January 12, 2014

Andrea's Integer Scribe Post

We're learning about adding and subtracting

you have to learn about:

  • How to add and subtract in integers
  • Have and owe
  • Integer tiles
  • Number line
  • Zero pair
  • When to use brackets

I will show you some question and show you how to solve it.

Have and owe:
  1. 10+(-2)=
Use the have word for positive and owe for negative.
  1. 10+(-2)=8
have 10 and owe 2=have 8
Use 'and' for add sign.

Integer tiles:
  1. 6+(-7)=
use integer tiles to show how to solve it easy.
  1. 6+(-7)=-1
have 6 and owe 7=owe 1

Number line:
  1. 9+(-6)=
Another way to show how to solve it easy.
  1. 9+(-6)= 3
have 9 and owe 6= have 3
   < 9
Zero pairs:
  1. 3+(-3)=
zero pairs is when positive and negative have the same amount.
  1. 3+(-3)= 0
have 3 and owe 3 = 0

When to use brackets:
  1. -9--8=
you notice there is something wrong with this question,now it's the time to use the bracket.
so after you put the bracket the question will look like something like this.Then answer.(remember only use bracket if there's a double negative.)
  1. -9[-(-8)]= -1
owe 9 remove have 8 = owe 1
---------  ++++++++
[++++++++  ]

you use the "remove" word instead of "and" to every question where - and a question with a bracket.

Subtracting integer:
Subtracting integer is same as adding where you use:have and owe,integer tiles, number line, zero pairs, and brackets.

  1. (-5)-3=
If the question have both same type like "negative and negative" you just have to add them together to get the answer even if it's subtracting.
  1. (-5)-3= -8
owe 5 and owe 3 = owe 8


  1. Thanks for making each step clear. You went step by step which made it easier for me to understand! Good job and one thing you could always add is a video but your scribe post was very well done!

  2. Thank you so much for showing what we were going to learn about in your post, and then further go into that topic later on, just like a real lesson. You explained sections of integers very thouroughly and using multiples examples. Great job! ^_^

  3. Thank you for explaining the work in details :) Good Job :)

  4. Thank you for showing what you've learned and what we've learned so far, I understood each step when I was reading through your work. Some suggestion I would make it to maybe put some diagrams in your post but it's still a great post. Good job!(:




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