Saturday, January 11, 2014

Theresa's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward 2014

Part I | What is Pay It Forward?
Pay It Forward is any act of kindness. You would have to do 3 acts of kindness for three different people. Your act would be because you think they your need help or because you just wanted to a random act of kindness. For example, a bus driver sees a homeless man out in the cold with no shoes. The bus driver then decides to give that man his shoes. That is a true story. It is also a random act of kindness. You don't have to do something that big but you can do something. Something that will make that person want to do something nice 3 other people. In the movie, Pay It Forward, a boy named Trevor helps 3 people who he thinks needs his help, one of them being another boy from being bullied. Then the boy with have to help 3 other people, and then those people would have to help 3 other people and then it just spreads out. 

Part II | What did I do for Pay It Forward?

For Pay It Forward I decided to do something simple. I gave candy canes to some of my neighbours on Christmas eve. I tied little notes with "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!" written on them, on the candy canes. On the back I wrote "Remember to pay it forward!". I chose to do this because it was near Christmas and New Year. Also it was something I could do. I helped my neighbours by making their Christmas just bit more special. I gave them candy canes with my mom on Christmas.

Here is a picture of the candy cane and me putting one in a mailbox.

Part III | How did my act of kindness go?

I don't know what happened, after I gave the candy canes, I went to a Christmas party with my family and gave some candy canes to my little cousins. My cousins liked the candy canes but I don't know about my neighbours. I hope they liked it. I felt pretty happy, It felt good when I walked to every house with my mom and put candy canes in the mailboxes and on doors. I liked seeing my cousins smile when they ate the candy canes. I forgot to take pictures of them though. I wrote "Remember to pay it forward!" on the back of the notes. I wasn't expecting my little cousins to do anything. But I expected my neighbours to do something. I don't know hoe they reacted but I hope they'll try.

Part IIII | What is the idea of Pay It Forward?

The idea of Pay It Forward is to do something nice for someone else and make on impact on their lives. It can be a big impact or a small impact, it just has to be something nice enough so that they get inspired to do something nice for someone else, and cycle goes on.

I think my act of kindness made a small difference in some person's Christmas somehow, just by making it a bit more cheery. I think I could've made a bigger difference by donating money to a charity, volunteering, or even shoveling but sometimes it's the little things that matter.


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