Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rafael's Pay It Forward

 "What is Pay It Forward?"
Parte Uno
What is Pay it Forward?
  Pay it Forward act of kindness is the act of kindness that you give to some stranger or anonymously to your neighbor and or if they see you well they'll be thankful that you helped them ease the day for them, because you don't know if they have to deal with even more problems, so basicaly what I'm trying to get to here is that you helped them a lot with there day.
  Pay it Forward act of kindness might also be helping someone get back on there feet or helping out the community with extra help, like; helping the soup kitchens and or just donating 3 cans of food every month.

Parte  Dos
  My Pay it Forward act of kindness was to donate to Winnipeg harvest 3 cans of food every week, I also shoveled someones backyard/ driveway.
   I chose this activity because it's close to our house and I can easily walk to those places to do my work and help people out.

  I helped out our neighbor and I also helped out a little bit at winnipeg harvest by donating food.

  I did my act of kindness 1 week before I started and remembered to do the post now before I furthermore forget to do it. 
Good thing my parents where outside fixing the car or else I couldn't have gotten this pic. 
Donating every week 3 or more cans of food to Winnipeg harvest
Parte Tres
  My act of kindness I would say went pretty well, because we donated to Winnipeg harvest every week and I shoveled our neighbors entire garage/ pathway. So I would say I did pretty good, not the best but good enough right?
  I felt pretty helpful towards the people who needed the most help like food. (Not including shoveling)
I also felt pretty good because I now know I am helping people out there that need help.

  I did not ask the person to Pay it Forward because I think they where at a vacation for 2 weeks now so I couldn't physically ask them.

Parte Cuatro
  I think the idea of Pay it Forward is important because it helps more and more people everyday.
  I think my act of kindness made a difference because i helped someone get food for a day for there family at any part of the world now.



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